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  Worship Works has taken many months and countless hours to complete (just ask my wife). It is my utmost desire to see it being used to benefit those who lead worship. That is the reason I have tried to comb over and over this program, to make it as good as it can possibility be. For this reason, I would ask you to honor the following request. If you have a copy of Worship Works that you have not purchased from the author (Greg Paskal), the company (Thou Art Software) or a distributor of Worship Works then I would ask you to consider doing so. The purchase of this worship song software goes directly to supporting us in our ministry (All The Worlds A Stage). If you have purchased Worship Works, feel free to put it on all of your own personal computers. If a friend wants a copy, simply tell them what I stated above. That’s it. The rest is in Gods hands. (Amen!)   Software for Praise and Worship Music

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