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Some of you may be interested in knowing how this program got its chance to come alive. In 1990, my wife and I went on a missions trip throughout Europe. I was asked to lead worship for our team. I tried to think of as many songs as I could but realized it would be hard to remember all the chords, words and lead worship. The team decided to put a book together with all our favorite songs. Christian song lyrics music management was finally in its infancy. It was very helpful and yet clumsy at times because I had to turn the pages in the midst of keeping the flow of worship. I started to get an idea for a program that would keep track of all my music. One that would let me print out only the songs I wanted to do without having to reenter or photocopy them each time.

Upon our return from the mission field, I decided to write the program I had been thinking of for so many months. Christian song lyrics music management was still a dream to come true. At that time, I owned an Atari ST and some programming software. After many weeks of planning, the first lines of code were written. It took close to 9 months and 100's of hours to finish the program. It had everything I wanted in a worship program. I used it on a regular basis for 2 years. I would add new features as I though of them. It was a real time saver to, instead of hours of paperwork preparation, all I had to do was pray, choose the songs I felt God was leading to do and hit PRINT. In a few minutes everything was printed and ready to go. Christian Song Lyrics Music Management

  Christian Song Lyrics Music
      Christian Song Lyrics Music

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