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Worship Works requires that you have FileMaker Pro¨ or the FileMaker Pro¨ Runtime Engine. Worship Works uses FileMaker Pro¨ to do its various tasks. The rest of this document will assume that you have at least FileMaker Pro¨ 2.1 or the FileMaker Pro¨ Runtime Engine for the PC, loaded on your machine and functioning.

Worship Works was designed so that you would not need to use any of the menus offered by FileMaker Pro¨. This means you will be given buttons on each screen to do the functions designed for Worship Works for Christian guitar chords and Lyrics and other entry benefits of this music management software you might need for praise and worship.

About FileMaker Pro¨
As stated earlier, Worship Works was written to run as a database of FileMaker Pro¨. You may have purchased Worship Works with the included Runtime engine. If so you may consider purchasing a book on the program to see all the capabilities it has to offer. If you own the full version of FileMaker Pro¨, it would benefit you to look over your instruction manual. FileMaker Pro¨ is a great application to do many other types of projects for your church or home. As you learn more about the program you will appreciate the time that has gone into Worship Works and the benefits it can offer you including simple Christian Guitar Chords and Christian Lyrics management.

Worship Works has been designed to run on most PC systems. It was configured for both color and black & white screens. You should have a Hard Drive and at least 4 Megs of RAM. You should be running at least Windows 3.1¨ or Windows 95¨.

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